Solventless Selection

Exclusive California Craft Concentrates

We are blessed to be a Compliant California Cannabis company. We have been providing the state with quality ice water hash and rosin since 2016. We believe in grassroots business and conscious actions being the base of our relations.


Garanimals Bubble Hash

Bred by: Cannarado Genetics, Cloned by: Phinest, Grown by: Bay View Farms. Indoor, Sacramento.

Garanimals Hash Rosin

Testing at 84% this Hash oil is from the large heads and have a lot of medicine.

Do-si-Dos Bubble Hash

This Dark-Dosi is bred by: Archieve Seed Bank, Cloned by: Phinest, Grown By: Bay View Farms. Indoor, Sacramento.

Do-si-Dos Hash Rosin

Beautiful, stable Hash oil with an intense terpene profile.

You can find our product at:

Golden State Patient Care in Colfax.

Two Rivers Wellness in Sacramento.

Dr. Greenthumbs in Sacramento.

Zen Garden Wellness in Stockton.

CaliBueno delivery in Oakland.

Phytologie Wellness in Oakland.

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