The Four Pillars…

We came up with this mantra “The Four Pillars of Health &Happiness…”… There are four corners in a square, four quarters in a year, four is a supportive number of a whole. Our four pillars are diet, exercise, meditation & natural medicine; all four are needed to reach a full spectrum of happiness. These “four pillars” are what raise the foundation of the “house” you build.

You hold the ability of happiness, all you need to do is trust these steps, starting with the first pillar…

Diet…. We automatically think of our calorie intake. How much pizza and beer we drink or if we consume the contents of the food pyramid daily…. But diet also includes the information you surround yourself with, what news you chose to believe, the friends you have and chose to associate with. This means: make wise decisions based off more than the common word, dig deeper and find real answers. This also mean: souls of intellect and honor are deserving of your precious time and energy, we all have the ability to access our light… the question is if we chose to.
I must point out the argument of caring for those who are less fortunate or enlightened as you may be… it is a worthy point because we are here to help others and to share our knowledge and gifts. Demonstrating patience and kindness is something that more individuals ought to practice, it is a virtue, a gift, to spread love in this world. Some people are affected positively by the vibration and grow toward the light, some teach you other values in return and help you grow toward the light, Others take your good energy and weaken your vibration and distract your time; those are the ones which I am advising you to steer from. Give away and offer up your talents to the extent of your boundary, and realize when you have gone far enough.

Each pillar is necessary to complete the full spectrum. Without one it is not complete.

To be continued….

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Hi! We are Wise Bird Handcrafted Products, established in 2016, family owned and operated. Filling the need for ice water hash and rosin in the beautiful state of California!

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